7 Tips to Reduce Redness on Face

1. Wash your face well

People experiencing redness on face are advised to wash your face frequently. When you wash your face wrongly, your skin can become more redder and irritated.
Wash your face

  • Wash your face using a sensitive cleanser and warm water since cold and hot water can make your skin become dry
  • After you’ve finished washing the face, pat it dry using a soft towel. Avoid scrubbing your face to avoid more irritation
  • After wiping your face clean and dry, apply it with facial lotion that will assist in creating a tight seal to enhance moisture is enclosed in the skin. You can as well keep the facial lotion in the refrigerator so that you’ll apply it when cold to be more effective. Cold products are good for red face treatment since they make the blood vessels visible on your face disappear.

2. Drink sufficient water and consume hydrating foods

Dring a lot of waterDrink water to re-hydrate your body. You should take at least 8 – 10 ounce glasses of water daily. Water is necessary and assists in washing out body toxins.

Foods like broccoli, sweet potatoes and carrots, have antioxidants that can help in skin moisturizing from the inside out.

When you eat these food types in smaller or larger capacities, your skin can be protected from drying out during the air of cold winter or any harsh dry condition.

3. Avoid alcohol and spicy food

Alcohol can trigger rosacea face rednessA survey conducted recently shows shows that alcohol and spicy foods are common triggers for rosacea. They are commonly referred to as drying agents.

You should keep away from alcohol as well as products that contains caffeine such as tea, coffee since they can make your be dehydrated.

Also, keep away from greasy and spicy foods as well as foods that have high content of refined sugar since they alter the normal process of body digestion.Consume foods that have high anti-oxidants like cranberries, broccoli, blueberries, purple grapes, etc.

4. Take D and B group vitamins

Vitamines for rosacea natural treatmentImprove your Vitamin D intake by using (1000 – 4000 IU per day) supplements and B-complex vitamins to assist in maintaining of healthier immune system and skin.

Vitamin D enhances peptide production in the skin, and cathelicidine which is ideal in fighting infections and micro organisms. It assist in skin protection.

Vitamin B12 assist to reduce redness on face by enhancing the growth, reproduction and repair of the cell. Food sources for this vitamin are such as; oysters, lamb, yogurt, beef, clams and crab.

5. Minimize sun exposure

Avoit direct sun exposure to avoid face rednessExposure to sun is the most common trigger for rosacea condition. Below are some helpful tips on how to reduce skin redness during the sun of summer and spring:

  • Look for the best formula for sunscreen
  • Sunlight has two destructive rays:
    • UltraViolet light A(UVA) – ages the skin
    • UltraViolet light B(UVB) – burns the skin

Many sunscreen usually don’t protect aganist both types of rays. It’s recommended to get non-chemical sunscreens having zinc or titanium dioxide and have an SPF of at least 15 and above.

6. Protect skin from heat and cold

Exposure to sun, humidity, wind, hot weather and cold can worsen rosacea condition for many people.

Avoid cold and hot weatherHere are tips on how to reduce redness on face during hot and cold environment:

  • During hot-humid days, you should stay in an environment that is well ventilated and cool. The affected can as well sip cold drinks and spray their face with cold water to keep their temperatures low.
  • Use scarf to cover your nose and cheeks and keep them away from cold. When you wear a scarf around your mouth, lower cheeks and nose will make the areas warmer the time you step outside. This will make your nose as well as your cheeks become less rosy the time you head back in.
  • Apply moisturizer every day in times of cold weather. Moistuizer acts as an anti redness cream that protects aganist drying effects of the face caused by wind and cold.

7. Improve your lifestyle

Reduce face redness changing lifestileTo maintain a healthy skin and healthy body, it requires a permanent change in lifestyle that will result to a longer life as well as a beautiful skin. Individuals who change their eating habits, reduce their stress level and modify their lifestyles enhance clearing of rosacea.


You should always seek advice from your certified dermatologist or doctor to have a perfect and a professional diagnosis of rosacea.

Early diagnosis of rosacea followed by an urgent treatment will greatly minimize rosacea from progressing. Natural Revitol Rosacea Cream is affective way to treat redness on your face.